Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon in Biden Fight

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Former President Donald Trump may have a secret weapon in his 2024 fight against President Joe Biden, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll. Nearly half of voters who did not cast a ballot in the 2020 election, 49%, said they are more enthusiastic about Trump compared to 33% for Biden. The survey found that 57% think Trump will be the next president, while 29% believe Biden will be reelected. The enthusiasm for Trump among voters who did not vote in 2020 could be driven by people affected by current economic conditions, such as inflation and cost of living.

The majority of the “did not vote” Americans, 62%, told pollsters that they don’t believe Biden’s policies have made much of a difference in their lives, but 28% said his policies have hurt them personally, compared to 8% who say his policies have helped. These numbers come as a troubling sign for Biden, who is facing low approval ratings and trails Trump in polls with eight months until Election Day.

Strategist Alex Patton noted that presidential elections are won at the margins, and the poll’s margin of error is too large to draw any detailed conclusions this far out from the election.

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